Best Classic Games from the 90s (and early 2000s)

Children from the 90s where probably the last generation whom enjoyed a variety of toys and games that today can be considered as classics. Today the only games children and teenagers are aware of are just to be enjoyed on phones, laptops and pc’s.


1. Caps and Slammers

One of the most famous games during the 90s were definitely caps and slammers. Many of you remember the times when we used to play during our lunch time in the school yard. This was an easy game, the ones who flips the caps or the slammers of the opponent, takes them!

classic toys - caps and slammers


2. Baby Aliens

The rumour was to be believed by everyone – keep them warm and they grow! Probably you scared your parents when they found these baby aliens under your pillow.

classic toys - baby aliens


3. Building Blocks

These are the famous building blocks. These are great to help children be creative and maybe they can become future architects; who knows? Definitely better than playing angry birds!

classic toys - building blocks

4. Brick Game 9999-in 1

This video game is the famous 9999-in 1 and features the classic game – Tetris! Want to know the biggest advantage of this game? Here you go – it works even when not connected to the internet!

classic games - brick game tetris

5. Remote Control Cars

Those were the days – going out with your remote control car and driving it into the mud! The best days when you meet someone with similar car and you race them (until probably the car get out of range and you have to run until the remote control works again!).

classic games - remote control car

These amazing yoyo’s were so much fun yet very simple to play. Some of them even had lights included in them. P.S if you get one today make sure you so not hit the ground while playing with it as that was the only way how to break these joyful toys.


classic toys - yoyo


This is for the future fishermen! It’s an amazing game that can keep children (and also adults) quite and entertained for a long period of time. It’s a very simple game, you just need to use the rod and try to catch the fish as they go round and open and close their mouth while doing go.
fishing game


8. Meccano 

This was (and still is) an amazing way how to develop various skills from a young age. There are the Meccano Junior which is ideal for kids that are over 5 years old, and there is also other Meccano building sets that target children from 10 years and over. This is a much better way for your kids and children to spend time rather than playing with your ipad!

meccano building sets

If you want to surprise your loved ones, get them one of these classic toys. Or else you might want to buy this to children from the present generation so they can enjoy these amazing toys. To conclude, if you get any of these toys make sure you keep them in good condition as they might become very expensive (i.e. they can also be good investment) in the near future when you will not be able to buy them very easily anymore.