Best Face Masks 2020

With the outbreak of the Coronavirus, some of the mostly searched terms on Google is definitely ‘the best face masks 2020’. People all over the world are opting to buy such products to avoid getting infected by this deadly virus especially when using public transport and while being on the move.

On an article of BBC some health experts said that some masks are not as effective as others due to lack of air tightness. However, such surgical masks can still help against these viruses when being around people who sneeze and cough and ‘splash’ bacteria. We reviewed some of the masks on Amazon and ranked them below.

Brand Face Mask Type
VIPITH Breathable Mask - Editor's Choice Ideal if you want to buy in bulk
Medical Face Masks Recommended By WHO for Protection Against Ebola 10 Medical Face Masks Recommended By WHO for Protection Against Ebola
50 Pcs Face Mouth Masks Hypoallergenic for Germs/Flu 50 Pcs Face Mouth Masks Hypoallergenic for Germs/Flu

Since the SARS disease in the early 2000s, investors and the public in general became more aware of a virus similar to the Coronavirus. People and the general public are aware that such virus can travel the world in a matter of days, one of the downsides of globalisation.

Such experience, makes more people afraid of such diseases and therefore they try to take extra pre-caution by face masks, surgical masks, and respirator masks to avoid or at least control the invasion of such viruses.

Although we here listed some of the top health masks, there are plenty more masks available on Amazon and other platforms that can help the general public feel more safe and secure to at least limit the chance of getting infected with this virus.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has listed quite some measures, precautions and tips for the general public to keep up to date with. You can visit the official WHO website to keep up to date with this virus.

Although there were many viruses that shocked the world, like the Sars, the Swine flue and others, the Coronavirus scares experts as it comes during a time in which the economy was at the edge of a recession. This virus might be the cherry on the cake for a recession to appear during this year. Sars wiped 40billion dollars of the world market, what will the Coronavirus do.

Experts have confirmed that the Coronavirus originated from the city of Wuhan, exactly from an animals market. Scientists in a Chinese centre for control and prevention of viruses, showed that this virus can cause symptoms like pneumonia.

So far, this virus took 80 lives and left over 2,700 sick. Meanwhile, Chinese authorities temporarily stopped the sales of wild animals and they promised hard sanctions over those who are caught breaking this order.