Best Fishing Poppers 2019 – Top 3

Fishing poppers target top water predators. But before we start suggesting the best fishing poppers for 2019, let’s explain what poppers are.

Poppers are basically flat headed lures which ‘pop’ (hence the name poppers) on top of the water and splash water as they do so. This attracts top water predators such as bass, saddled beams, and even dorado.

Brand Jig Colour
Duo Pencil Popper 110 - Editor's Choice Various Colours Available
SeaKnight Poppers Various Colours Available
Tronix Big Bass Popper Various Colours Available

1. Duo Pencil Popper 110

This is a killer lure. The duo pencil popper 110 is the perfect size (18 grams) that attracts medium sized fish but also larger predators. There are various colours available, the best colour obviously depends on the amount of light, clarity of water, and sea conditions. However if you want a colour to start with, pick the Clear Sayori, which is a very natural colour. While this is ideal for shore spinning, you can also get a larger one and use it for trolling from a boat.

duo lure pencil popper 110

2. Seaknight Popper Fishing Lures

These fishing poppers offers more resistance due to their shape. This also means more splashing and also a different movement when compared with the pencil popper. These lures have a laser body that will be more attractive for big fish. They also offer a smooth and rapid diving action with bright colours to attract more fish.

seaknight popper fishing lures

3. Tronix Big Bass Popper Best Poppers for bass fishing

The Tronix Big Bass popper is definitely one of the best poppers for bass fishing in 2019. This is just a killer lure that dance into the water to attract bass. The Tronix poppers make varying amounts of noise and disturbance to attract more top water fish. They are also one of the most stable poppers on the market especially in choppy conditions.

best poppers for bass fishing

Spinning Tips

First of all make sure that your rod fits the lure and vice-versa. It’s a common mistake that you use one rod and change different lures without checking the amount of grams that the rod can handle. If you have a rod which support 7g-20g, using a 25g lure will have a negative effect on casting, retrieving, and might also increase the risk of losing your fish.

Another important factor is the line you should be using. It is very important to use braid instead of the traditional fishing line. This is important as the braid is not elastic thus helps you retrieve the lure more efficiently and in case of a having a fish-on it is easier to feel it. Here is one of the top rate braid:

best fluorocarbon fishing line

At the end of the braid make sure you connect a fluorocarbon line (30cm to 50cm is enough) so to make the line invisible for the fish and thus increasing the change of an attach from a predator. There are various techniques of how to connect a braid with a fluorocarbon fishing line, however the best one we suggest is definitely the tony pena knot. You can have a look at this knot here: