Best Squid Jigs 2019

Squid is a type of fish that attracts many people, either professionals and also beginners. This type of sport is a very famous outdoor activity all over the world (obviously where there is sea) and besides the fun it can also provide some very delicious meals. Most famous places to catch squid from would be Australia, New Zealand, Malta, UK, Japan among other popular countries. Because of the increase in squid fishing popularity, we decided to compare squid jigs, as there are many on the market.

Here’s our top 7 Squid Jigs

Best Squid Jig Brands

There are many famous brands when it comes to jigs, like everything on Product Comparison World. However in this particular case, it’s very common that fisherman disagree, as apart from the brand, there are other 100 variables that can affect your catch amount (such as weather conditions, time of the year, amount of light from the moon, fishing from shore or from boat etc.). Having said that, these are the best squid jig brands in our opinion:

1. Yo Zuri
2. Yamashita
3. Sumizoku
4. DTD
5. Owner

Best Squid Jig Colours

IT DEPENDS. That’s our best answer. It depends on light conditions. So we are going to suggest the best squid jig colour for every light condition. By light condition we mean the amount of light coming from the moon. 

Dark (pitch black sky)

For dark conditions it’s best to use red colour. This is the best colour that provide a lot of visibility even in pitch black sea.

Low light

For low light conditions it’s best to use orange, pinks etc. These are quite visible even when its quite dark.

Ample amount of light (full moon)

For those days when it’s full moon and there’s ample amount of light go for the green’s or yellow’s.

Obviously there are other 100 colours, however these are the best ones. In the end you just need to test and see what works best.

Best Squid Jig Setup

Squids have very good eyesight, their eyes are huge when compared with the size of their body. This is why they are able to see your squid jig/lure even when it’s very dark. This is another reason why they are able to hunt at night.

Because of the squid amazing eye sight. your setup needs to be very invisible, especially when it’s a full moon. Preferably you go for fluoro-carbon line and the size range between 0.22 to 0.28mm depending on when you are fishing. Reason being that at the end of the season the squid will be quite big so you need a thicker line. At the end of the line attach a swivel so then you will be able to change your squid lures very easily. Make sure the swivel is stainless steel so you don’t have to change it often due to rust.

Cheap Squid Jigs

If you are a beginner then maybe you are after quantity not quality. Reason being that for the first couple of attempts you might want to try different retrieval methods so you might lose some jigs if they get caught in sea weed. It’s also a good idea to go for such cheap squid jigs so that you can buy in bulk so you can test different colours, and then buy the professional jigs in the colours you most caught on. You can find some cheap squid jigs in bulk on Amazon such as – 24 Glow in the Dark Saltwater Fishing Lures Squids Jigs.

best squid jigs

Best Squid Fishing Reel

Also, it is very important to have a light fishing reel, preferably between 2500-3000 series saltwater-capable spinning reel. There are very good brands on the market, one of the best is definitely Shimano. The Shimano Bio Monster 2500 and the Shimano Sienna 2500 are two of the top reels for squid-spinning.

Tricks for catching Squid

If you want to try something different, buy some fluorescent night fishing sticks, and insert them into the jigs as per the below. This will make your lure glow and attract more squid!


And finally, catching a squid can also result in a delicious plate like the below. Happy fishing and happy eating!


cooked squid - squid jigs
Squid can be stir fried, fried and wrapped in breadcrumbs or else cooked with pasta!

What’s your thought? What is your favourite squid jig? Let us know in the comments below!

3 Replies to “Best Squid Jigs 2019”

  1. I prefer the green ones especially when there’s plenty amount of light. Also what are your suggestions when it comes to depth? Is it better to fish near the surface or not? Thanks in advance! 🙂

    1. Hi Gianni! thanks for your comment. Although many like to fish near the bottom, I prefer fishing between 30-50cm under the surface. This obviously depends what depth you are fishing in! If it’s deeper than 3/4metres you need to fish a little bit deeper. One last advice is to test different depths as on some days you will find squid near the surface while on other days you will find them in deeper waters (this depends on the amount of light, time of the day, and also on the sea temperature!). Hope this helped 😉

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